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Feldenkrais Method

Benefits of the Feldenkrais Method

  • Improved coordination and balance
  • Injury recovery and prevention
  • Reducing pain
  • Gaining confidence with our bodies
  • Deepening the relationship with ourselves
  • Learn to breathe easier and improve concentration
  • Better performance at sports and daily tasks


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Awareness Through Movement




In Awareness Through Movement Classes students are guided through a sequence of gentle movements. By moving slowly and paying attention, the nervous system discovers new possibilities and lets go of less functional habits or parasitic muscular tension. This learning process leads to more efficient movements, a feeling of lightness, reduction in aches and pains, and an increased sense of self-awareness.

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Functional Integration



Functional Integration is a one to one session in which the Feldenkrais practitioner guides the student using gentle, non-invasive touch as a main means of communication. The lesson is custom-tailored to the unique circumstances and needs of that particular person, at that particular moment. The student learns how to reorganize their actions in more effective ways through the experience of comfort, enjoyment, and ease of movement.


The student may lie comfortably on a table designed for this particular work, or do some of the lessons sitting or standing. As needed, the teacher may use various props to support the student’s comfort, to make certain movements easier or help clarifying them..

About Me

I was born in Catalonia and earned a Music Degree from the Liceu Conservatoire in Barcelona. Since 2004, I’ve been teaching violin using the Suzuki Method. I co-founded the Little Venice Suzuki Group in 2007, and I’ve also been working at Soutbank International School for 15 years. Beyond my teaching studio, I find joy and meaning in performance, creating music, dance, yoga and meditation. 


A decade-long journey into the depths of Contact Improvisation and Impro Theatre has been transformative, inspiring me to explore the boundaries of music making through cross-disciplinary collaboration and improvisation. I have been an active member of the theatre company Zootrophic (2015-2021), played in dance workshops, contact improvisation jams in London and UK festivals (Ringwood CI festival 2019, Emerging Hearts 2022 and 2023). Early this year I composed music for the short ‘Gesture in time’, by P. Seidenstetcher. 


My journey with the Feldenkrais Method started in 2013 when I attended my first Awareness Through Movement class. The newfound lightness and ease of movement after that class were a revelation. In 2016 I enrolled in the Feldenkrais Professional Training, qualifying four years later. Today, the Feldenkrais Method continues to enrich my life and the life others in endless ways. 

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Individual Sessions & Classes

Find ease and increase your self awareness

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Individual Sessions & Classes

Find ease and increase your self awareness

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Individual Sessions & Classes

Find ease and increase your self awareness

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‘I found my Feldenkrais sessions really interesting as well as helpful. They provided an opportunity for me to explore the way my body moves, and I became much more aware of the way that I walk, which was something I had never really thought about before. Helena works in a very intuitive and sensitive way which creates a deeply relaxing yet energising atmosphere. Highly recommended!’ .
I had few Feldenkrais sessions with Helena and remained totally impressed of how my body opened up spontaneously to the sequence of movements that Helena guided me through The sessions left me feeling lighter and looser in my body and with pleasant calm in my mind.I stood straighter and my walk effortless. Helena's instructions were sensitive, efficient and caring.
Yoga Teacher

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